Tree Removal

Tree removal on City property requires a permit. Utility companies, private contractors, outside governments, and individuals must apply for and procure a permit, comply with tree protection and replacement administrative guidelines to this article to protect and preserve City properties in any modification of their landscape. Written plans outlining purpose, proposed operations, and approximate dates shall be submitted to the Planning and Development Director for approval. Tree removal on privately-owned property may require a permit depending upon the use of the property. Property that is being used for single-family residential may remove no more than 5 non-specimen trees from a property in one given year without a permit. The removal of 6 or more non-specimen trees or a specimen tree will require a permit. Tree removal in the building or development process is subject to a land disturbance permit and must conform to the City’s tree preservation and replacement standards in Chapter 320 of the UDO. See the Tree Protection FAQs for more information.

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