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Posted on: January 25, 2021

Chamblee Installs Scramble Crosswalk

Scramble Crosswalk

The City of Chamblee recently installed a scramble crosswalk at the intersection of Chamblee Tucker and Peachtree Roads. The scramble crosswalk operates differently than a standard traffic signal-controlled intersection and allows pedestrians to cross diagonally while vehicles on all sides of the intersection are stopped at a red signal. Engineers believe it is beneficial at this location because of the high amount of pedestrian traffic.

Often called a “Barnes Dance” after the engineer who popularized it or the "exclusive pedestrian interval," access to the intersection alternates between cars and pedestrians. The signals give pedestrians approximately 35 second to cross in all directions. The intersection should be open and fully operational by Friday, Feb. 5, 2021.


  • Obey the Pedestrian Signal to avoid conflicts with turning vehicles and cross only when Pedestrian Signal indicates Walk. The Barnes Dance stops vehicle traffic from all directions with a red signal. The “all-red, all-walk” phase allows pedestrians to cross all four main crosswalks as well as diagonally across the intersection.
  • Notice when vehicles have a green signal to move through the intersection, they will have Don’t Walk signals across all streets. This allows vehicles to proceed through the intersection or turn without any conflicts or hazards.


  • Obey the Traffic Signal—Right turns on red signals are not allowed at any time! Drivers who attempt a right turn on red will create a safety hazard for pedestrians, especially during the Barnes Dance phase.
  • Drive at the posted speed limit, and do not block the box! This intersection has high pedestrian traffic, please drive at or below the speed limit, and do not block the box, as this creates hazards for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Please note: While cyclists may proceed on a Walk signal, they must yield right of way to all pedestrians in the intersection. 

One of the world's most heavily used pedestrian scrambles is the Shibuya Crossing at Hachikō Square in Tokyo, where more than 3,000 pedestrians can cross in one scramble.

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