Social distancing is not only hard on kids, it’s hard on parents, too — especially since we can’t draw on our village for support. Tinkergarten wants to help, so we’re providing free educational activities, advice, and virtual community so that the whole family continues to thrive during this challenging time.

We’re launching Tinkergarten At Home to bring Tinkergarten’s proven method of learning directly to parents. When parents sign up at tinkergarten.com for free, they get:

Weekly Tinkergarten Activities. Our DIY activities are easy, wildly fun, and designed for learning for any age. All you need are basic household items and a spot outside—whether that’s a quiet corner of a park, on your stoop, or in your own backyard.

Parenting Insights. Helpful content about how young kids develop and how to tackle the challenges we all face when helping our kids learn and grow at home.

Live, Online ClassesInvites to regular, live, online sessions where parents from around the country gather to see how to bring Tinkergarten DIY activities to life.

Community. Join the conversation in our #OutdoorsAll4 Facebook Group to find and share ideas, photos and stories of your playful, learning experiences.