Pet Education Classes

Accidents do happen! In an emergency, minutes, even seconds count and over one million pet accidents could be prevented. By attending this Pet Tech Class, you increase the chances of becoming a true lifesaver for your pet. Don’t wait until it happens – be proactive!

This 5-hour, hands-on training will cover a number of valuable skills: You will learn how to perform CPR and rescue breathing on a simulator dog manikin, what to do when your dog or cat is choking, and how to treat bleeding or shock. We will also practice bandaging techniques for ears and paws. We will discuss allergic reactions and how do induce vomiting after poisoning. Lots of example pictures will help you to recognize symptoms, before they become medical emergencies.

Each student will receive a handbook, certificate and registration with Pet Tech. Amenities included.

Healthy Nutrition for Cats & Dogs and Natural Pet Care are also classes Nicole puts on, which she has available online for only $60.

Visit HERE for more information about each class and to register!