Plans in Progress

Broad Street Streetscape

The City of Chamblee would like your feedback on the draft Town Center Streetscape Plan. The Downtown Chamblee Town Center is rapidly changing, and this project will ensure that people can move safely and efficiently throughout the City’s Town Center District. The project kicked off with the Town Center Stroll public event and street festival in September 2019.

Town Center Stroll
Public Event Map for WebPage

If you have questions about the Broad Street Streetscape project or Town Center Stroll event, please contact Matt Dickison, Planning and Development Director, at

Comprehensive Plan Update

The Planning and Development Department develops and implements long-range land use plans that will shape the community's future as its residents and stakeholders see fit. These plans are implemented through daily application of the Unified Development Ordinance when processing land use and development applications. The most all-encompassing of these plans is the Comprehensive Plan, sometimes referred to as the "Comp Plan".

Business Card Front

Comprehensive plans are used by local governments to guide, manage, and implement quality growth. A community’s comprehensive plan is developed through a public process involving community leaders, major stakeholders, the general public, and elected officials, all of whom make key decisions about the future of the community. The overall goal of the city's Comp Plan is to accommodate growth in a timely, orderly, and efficient arrangement of land uses, public facilities, infrastructure, and services that meet the needs of the residents and businesses of the City of Chamblee.

In early 2019, the City initiated the process of a major update to its Comp Plan. The project, called the One Chamblee Comprehensive Plan Update, will result in a final document that will be presented to the Mayor and City Council for adoption in the 4th quarter of the year.

Please visit the One Chamblee website for more information, and to take the Community Input Survey. In addition to taking the survey you can give us your thoughts: One Chamblee (Comprehensive Plan Update) Feedback.

If you have questions about the One Chamblee Comprehensive Plan Update project, please contact Rebecca Keefer, Special Projects Manager, at