Encroachment Permits

The City of Chamblee’s Public Works Department uses the encroachment permit portal for all submissions of future work on the city’s right of way. All applications must be submitted with an attached work site plan and all projects requiring lane/sidewalk closures must be submitted with a traffic control plan. 

All permit applications must be submitted to the Public Works Department a minimum of two weeks prior to the start date of work on the city's right of way.

Notice: Starting June 1, 2020 the City of Chamblee has applied an encroachment permit fee schedule.  All new permits created in the permit portal shall confirmed with an invoice quote for the overall permit price.  Review and routing of permits will not begin prior to the receipt of the $50 application fee.  Approved permits shall not be issued until the remaining balanced owed is paid.

Encroachment Permit Portal


Please email The Encroachment Permitting Team at the following,encroachmentpermitpw@chambleega.gov

Small Cell Encroachment Permitting Guide