Massage or Spa License

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The City of Chamblee has amended its code of ordinances pertaining to businesses that offer “massage” or “spa” services (Chamblee Code of Ordinances, Chapter 22, Article VIII). The previous ordinance allowed only a limited type of massage businesses operated by state-licensed practitioners pursuant to the Georgia Massage Therapy Practice Act (O.C.G.A. § 43-24A-1). The new code is more flexible to handle new concepts in the market related to massage therapy or spas, and removes the previous location restriction to industrial zones. However, it does state the hours of operation cannot be outside of 9 am to 9 pm. Today’s market for massage and spas extends far beyond state-licensed therapists, and includes spa and skin care services, hydro therapy, body wrap treatments, and similar services that fit in general commercial or mixed-use areas.

The new code matches this increased flexibility with new rules to deter illicit enterprise. The City of Chamblee desires legitimate businesses that add investment and variety to the community. Illegitimate enterprises have a history of using massage or spa businesses across the state as fronts for concealing certain unwanted and illegal activities, including prostitution and sex trafficking. Chamblee’s new rules include background checks and work permits for certain employees at any type of massage or spa establishment, requiring applicants to appear in person and undergo a nation-wide criminal background history check. The City believes these enhanced measures will dissuade criminal elements from attempting to open such enterprises, support legitimate businesses, and protect the health, safety, and welfare of Chamblee residents and visitors.

Attached is the new application process that must be completed by every massage or spa establishment, new or existing. The massage or spa license is an annual requirement, requires work permits for all employees not licensed by the State of Georgia, and other provisions. A copy of the complete Massage or Spa Establishment ordinance is included in this packet.

Chamblee Massage or Spa License Process

Massage or Spa Application

Chapter 22 - Business - Massage or Spa Establishments

Massage or Spa Permits (fingerprints taken by the police department.  Permit issued by the City Clerk's office.)