Adult Entertainment Permit

Sec 22-109- Adult entertainment establishment employees

(a) Employees of adult entertainment establishments shall be not less than eighteen (18) years of age.

(b) No person shall be employed in any capacity whatsoever, including, but not limited to, performers, entertainers, waiters, bouncers, bartenders, disc jockeys, and musicians, who has been convicted in this or any other county or state or in any federal court within five (5) years of immediately prior to the application for employment of a sex-related crime, dealing in narcotics, or any charge relating to the manufacture or sale of intoxicating liquors, any other felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or for whom any outstanding warrant exists on which service has not been perfected.

“Be employed” shall include all work done or services performed while in the scope of employment on the premises and elsewhere than on the licensed premise, for compensation or otherwise. Notwithstanding, this provision shall not apply to an independent contractor who performs accounting, legal, administrative, repair or maintenance services for licensee.

(c) A permit to work in or be employed by an adult entertainment establishment, whether for compensation or otherwise, shall be required for all employees thereof. For the purpose of this article, independent contractors, such as entertainers, employed or hired by an adult entertainment establishment, shall be license as employees, regardless of the business relationship with the owner or licensee of any adult entertainment establishment. Each independent contractor shall be required to have and maintain his or her separate business license. Notwithstanding, this provision shall not apply to an independent contractor who performs accounting, legal, administrative, repair or maintenance services for licensee.

(d) No person requiring a permit may be employed by or work in an establishment until such person has filed an application, paid the fee for and obtained a work permit from the Police Department.

An application for a permit shall include the applicant’s legal name, all of the applicant’s aliases and/or any other name by which the applicant has ever been known, address, business name and address, date of birth with the written proof thereof, and prior arrest record of the applicant. The Police Department shall make a complete search relative to any police record of the applicant. A complete set of fingerprints of each applicant shall be required. Upon receipt of the fingerprints and the appropriate fees, the Chamblee Police Department will transmit both sets of fingerprints and appropriate fees (unless a satisfactory billing arrangement has been entered into between the Chamblee Police Department and GCIC and/or FBI) to GCIC. GCIC will compare the subject’s fingerprints against its criminal file and submit the fingerprints to the FBI for comparison with nationwide records, unless submission to the FBI is automatic pursuant to the use of live-scan. The results of the FBI check will be returned to the Chamblee Police Department if submissions are manually to GCIC, or electronically from both the GBI and FBI where submissions are made electronically to GCIC.

(e) In rendering a fitness determination, the Police Department will decide whether the record applicant has been convicted of, or is under pending indictment for enumerated disqualifiers, as set forth in 22-109(b).

(f) A record applicant may request and receive a copy of his/her criminal history record information from the Police Department. Should the record applicant seek to amend or correct his/her record, he/she must contact GCIC as to state records and/or the FBI for records from other jurisdictions maintained in its file.

(g) The city shall have 15 days to investigate the information required by the employee. If there is no record or violation of 22-109(b) herein, or of any other section of this article, the Police Department shall issue a permit to the applicant. If approval is denied, the prospective employee may, within ten days of such denial, apply to the Chief of Police for a hearing. The decision of the Chief of Police after hearing may be appealed within ten days thereafter to city council who shall issue such order as is required. The decision of the city council may thereafter be appealed, within 30 days, to DeKalb Superior Court. An investigation fee of $50.00 shall accompany the notice of intended employment or a receipt of the permitting officer evidencing the payment of such fee at the time of notice filed.

(h) Any permit for employment issued hereunder shall expire twelve (12) months from the date of issuance unless earlier revoked or suspended. The Police Department may prescribe reasonable fees for certifying the eligibility for employment.

(i) Employees holding permits issues pursuant to this chapter shall at all times during their working have said permits available for inspection at the premises.

(j) Suspension; revocation of permit. Conviction of violating the provisions of this Code, laws and regulations of the state, or the rules and regulations of the city shall subject an employee to suspension or revocation of permit.

(k) Independent contractors. For the purpose of this chapter, independent contractors shall be considered as employees and shall be permitted as employees, regardless of any adult entertainment establishment.

Investigation fee cost $50
Permit fee an additional $50

Adult Entertainment Permit

S.A.V.E. Affidavit