Mayor & City Council

The legislative and policy-making functions of the City are vested in a board consisting of the Mayor and five Council Members. They are elected in nonpartisan elections for over-lapping four-year terms. Each Council member must live in the election district that they represent, however, they are elected citywide. 

The Mayor is the chief elected officer of Chamblee. All meetings are presided over by the Mayor; however, the Mayor does not have a vote except in case of a tie. The Mayor signs all contracts for Chamblee. 

The Mayor and City Council determine the policies of the City and enact local laws. They are responsible for the adoption of an annual budget and the levying of taxes necessary to finance local government operations. 

The Mayor and City Council appoint the municipal Court Judges, City Solicitor and City Attorney as well as the various building inspectors. 

Council Meetings


Third Tuesday of Every month, 7:30 pm, Civic Center at 3540 Broad Street

Council Work Sessions:

Thursday prior to council meeting, 6 pm, Civic Center at 3540 Broad Street 
Member District Term Length First Elected
R. Eric Clarkson - Mayor

N/A January 2018 - December 2021 Elected to Council November 2001
Elected Mayor November 2005
John Mesa  District One January 2018 - December 2021 November 2013
Leslie C. Robson District Two January 2020 - December 2023 November 2007
Karen Lupton District Three January 2020 - December 2023 November 2019
Vacant District Four January 2022 - December 2023  
Brian Mock At Large Seat January 2018 - December 2021 November 2013
Vacant At Large Seat December 2023  
John Mesa
Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tempore
District One
Leslie_Robson_Web Thumb 3
Leslie C. Robson
District Two
Councilmember Karen Lupton
Karen Lupton
District Three
Brian Mock
At Large Seat

Election Map 

View a map of Chamblee's voting districts.