Environmental Concerns

Stormwater Maintenance

The crew is responsible for the maintenance of Chamblee’s stormwater system. They do the smaller type repairs that happen more frequently such as manhole / storm drain inlet repairs. They also handle small projects such as filling out informational worksheets whenever stormwater maintenance is completed, logging the date, location, problem, and action taken. Other responsibilities are:
  • Clean curbs and drains
  • Cleaning of 800 street drain inlets
  • Grass mowing of streets and right-of-ways
  • Line pipes and ditches with granite stone
  • Perform sidewalk reclamation
  • Street and curb sweeping

Activity Reports

The Stormwater Department processes and files different activity reports to the state and DeKalb County. Some of these reports include:
  • Long Range Stormwater Management Plan
  • Annual Storm Water Report
  • Stormwater Activities
  • Industrial Facility Stormwater Inspection (state)
  • Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Implementation Survey and Report (state)
  • Phase One Municipal Storm Water System Report (state and county)