Stormwater Utility

About Stormwater

Our stormwater system must be protected at all times from harmful pollutants because the stormwater of today will become the drinking water of tomorrow.

Stormwater & Pollutants

The stormwater system feeds directly into our creeks and rivers, eventually becoming drinking water so we must be ever mindful of anything entering the system other than rain water. Pollutants that enter the storm drains (motor oil, cooking grease, stains, paints, dish soap etc.) can cause problems that last for years and cost tax payers thousands of dollars in cleanup and removal fees.

Stormwater vs. Storm Sewer Systems

A common misconception is the stormwater systems and the sewer systems are the same system. The stormwater system feeds directly into the streams and rivers. The sewer system goes to the treatment plant to be screened and purified.

Stormwater System

The different parts of the stormwater system can be easily recognized. Many are marked by signs and stenciling but, as a rule, if it is outside in a yard or along the side of the street and has an open drain cover, it is probably a storm drain. If you see anyone dumping anything into a storm drain, call the Chamblee Public Works Department. Remember that only 1% of the earth's water is drinkable and the first step to cleaner water is education.