Hazardous Waste Disposal

Household Hazardous Waste Products

Please note that there are certain household hazardous products that the city cannot recycle. Household hazardous waste products are any products containing hazardous substances such as solvents, automobile fluids, herbicides, pesticides, and degreasers.

Unrecyclable Items

Any type of drum, cylinder, canister, etc., that has or had contained flammable or combustible liquids or materials, cannot be recycled. If you need to find a recycling / disposal location for aerosol cans, household and yard insecticides, solvents or other such products and containers, please go to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website or call 404-657-5947. This site lists all recycling centers, and if the product is not recyclable or does not have a recycling program available locally, the last resort disposal option is also given.