Municipal Court

Reminder: If your address has changed, please contact the court to update this information as soon as possible. Please contact the Court office for updated information or with any further questions at  770-986-5004.

New Municipal Court Guidelines--Updated July 1, 2020

Guidelines in Español

--Updated July 1, 2020
Responsibilities of the Court

The Chamblee Municipal Court is responsible for handling all misdemeanor traffic cases, city ordinance violations and certain state misdemeanor crimes in which prosecution is initiated by the Chamblee Police Department or other police agencies (such as MARTA or the Georgia State Patrol) for violations occurring within the City of Chamblee.


The court is staffed with three part-time judges; two part-time solicitors; one part-time public defender; and one court supervisor and two court clerk assistants, who report to the city manager. Additional clerical assistance is provided by the police department. Probation services are contracted out to Professional Probation Services, Inc.


The Municipal Court office is located on the second floor of the Chamblee Police Department located at 3518 Broad Street. Actual court sessions are held in the Chamblee Civic Center located at 3540 Broad Street.

There will be no communication on court dates after hours listed due to the location of court.

If you are in need of a reset for your case and this is the first request, it must be made made by noon on your scheduled court date. This is for both attorney request as well as individual request. If you miss your assigned court date, please contact the Court Clerk as soon as possible.

Appropriate court attire is required.