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To celebrate The Signal’s 15th anniversary in September 2014, the Signal got a fresh design and is now printed in color. Since January 2015, the Signal extended to 2 months of community calendars in one issue and includes a page in Spanish.

A little history: Chamblee published the newsletter’s first issue in September 1999, but it wasn’t given its name until the following issue in November. In the first issue, the city asked residents to send in suggestions for the name and many good ones were offered, making the decision difficult. After much consideration the council voted for “The Signal.

Current Newsletter

About the Signal

The Signal is the official bi-monthly newsletter of the City of Chamblee. The Signal is published and mailed to every resident and business in the City in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November.

The Chamblee Signal contains articles on city news, community news and current and upcoming events in the City of Chamblee. Submissions are encouraged and should be submitted by the first of the month prior to the month of publication. Submit your article to

The Signal also accepts advertising. For information about ad rates, download an ad rate card or contact Tisa Moore 770-986-5010.

Past Signals

Chamblee Signals from January 2013 to present are available online. The City archives hard copies of all Signals and keeps them at City Hall.

Archived Newsletters


In January 2015, the Calendar was officially rolled in to the Chamblee Signal. Check out Archived Calendars for calendars before 2015.